History of the Oak

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At some point during the past year I’m sure everyone has stopped and admired the Old Oak Tree here at the dance hall.  I am sure that you also noticed it’s decline over time.

Since 1928 this historic Oak tree has been bringing people together under its branches.  Everyone that comes onto the property has a story to tell about the old dance hall or the old tree. They share memories of growing up and attending baseball games, community dances and concerts under the giant live oak. Many people met their spouses there or tell stories of how their parents met under the old tree. There are so many treasured memories and many more to be made under the its but we must act now to save it.

The 300-400 year old tree at the former Pat's Hall is severely stressed due to the drought. Providence Hall purchased the property last year and has been consulting with professionals all year to determine the best course of action to save this valuable community icon.

The course of action is to remove the old interior concrete fence directly up against the trunk and the first layer of concrete dance floor, leaving the outer dance floor intact. A drip system would have to be installed along with a treatment that includes boring holes deep to the root system.

We are blessed to have so much history in our small town, which continues to bring generations together. The arborists believe that it is not a lost cause but we must act now and we need community support.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



We have started a GoFundMe account to help spread the word.  Please share this email and the link below with your family and friends.